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A well-known and recognized institution in the world of swimming, the French Swimming Federation (FFN) brings together national, regional and local institutions that share common projects with the objective of developing, promoting and structuring swimming activities.

Our President Thierry ALIMONDO is well known by the FFN, with which he has been for many years.

“I’ve been a French team player for over 15 years, so it’s a bit like a family,” he explains.

His father Guy ALIMONDO was also part of the French water polo team, gold medalist for youth and sports, and officer of the National Order of Merit as a leader and sports educator. He then continued in the aquatic world, becoming a director of swimming pools until the end of his career.

Similarly, several TOPSEC employees also go regularly to the pools and were members of FFN’s affiliated clubs. Therefore, it was important for our company to expand and formalize the collaboration with the FFN.

Discover the history of our company and the foundation of its creation in our article about the 20th anniversary of Topsec.


Several swimming pools and aquatic centers are interested in installing swimming vending machines to provide additional service to their customers.

Similarly, face to the new sanitary regulations, several swimming pools have been switched to mandatories bathing caps. A change that may affect their number of customers if they don’t provide a service to offer the necessary equipment. That’s why installing our vending machines in the hallways or changing rooms is a suitable solution to meet these new needs.


However, our teams have repeatedly discovered that the equipment or available spaces are not suitable or optimal for visitor accessibility. That is why being visible in the technical magazine of the swimming pools by the the French Swimming Federation (FFN) will allow architects, programmers, promoters, project owners to plan and anticipate their implementation with complete information about the equipment to be expected, dimensions and recommendations. This new partnership will also focus on other projects and events which are currently under discussion.
With the FFN, our goal is to reassure and support aquatic centers in the deployment of our turnkey service.

Thierry ALIMONDO closely followed the evolution of the FFN to find the right time to start a collaboration:

“Although when I was a player in the French team, they were not the same leaders, I found it important to give our support, participate in the development of the Federation and support the new management team. This partnership will improve our company’s core business and legitimize us as a quality supplier. I am fully confident that Federation leaders will promote our concept through this partnership.
We wanted to work together for a long time, but we had to find the right time and the right offer to start this first partnership. New leaders know and understand what TOPSEC stands for in the pool world thanks to our presence in more than 90% of public pools. Their arrival allowed us to start relying on events such as the sponsorship of the matches of the French women’s and men’s team of the World Water Polo League, the provision of swimming caps for events and now this technical association. »

The formalization of the partnership between TOPSEC and the FFN is a new step in reaching a wider audience and addressing the plan to resume re-entry-related activities within the groups.
We would like to thank President Gilles SEZIONALE, DTN Julien ISSOULIE, CEO Laurent CIUBINI, marketing and communications manager Adrien CHANDOU and the manager of the Arnaud BONAMY association for their trust. Beautiful sports and digital projects are already being discussed and we hope to make them come true.