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Topsec helps its trainees to grow and take responsibility


The work-study programme has many advantages for both students and employers.
For students, it is an enriching and concrete experience in a company that allows them to put to validate the knowledge acquired during their training.
For Topsec, it is a way of giving to the new generation the chance to discover new talents who will become leaders of our company, bringing a different approach and vision but also objectively to help the company evolve and bring new energy.

Our work-study students are fully integrated into our operational teams, with assignments involving responsibility and strategic decision-making.

20 years of Topsec we have had this desire to help our employees grow, to support them as best we can and to give them the chance to succeed and develop in their professional lives and within our company, so that they can eventually join the company permanently.

In 2019, Barbara BOUDOU, a Master’s student in Commercial Strategy and Relationship Marketing
joined us as a marketing product manager:


“From the very first day, I received a warm welcome from all the teams. I was trained by all the departments (field, support and administrative functions) in order to understand the internal workings of the company and the missions of each one.”

Right from the start, her tasks were a major challenge for our company, a leader in the automatic distribution of sports and leisure articles:

“My first tasks were to take over the packaging of our vending machines and the price bands on our machines. I also had the opportunity to manage the entire implementation of our website for customised swim caps: Swind Custom.
Finally, I also set up our new collaborative project management tool. Topsec wanted to structure its projects better but also to be able to collaborate more quickly and easily. This platform came at the right time, before the first lockdown in France. An example of Topsec’s vision: always one step ahead.
Today, the projects that I am entrusted with are even more important, and they entail more responsibilities. It’s clear, it’s more impressive but also very motivating!”

Cristian BERBECARU, Master Expert in Computer Engineering, Specialization Network System and Cloud Computing, joined us at Topsec in 2019 to first and foremost, take care of the administration of the IT infrastructure and the helpdesk support of the 3 levels. From the integration of VPN solutions to the migration to Microsoft Office 365 and the administration and protection of databases, his missions are therefore very varied and crucial for our company. He tells us:


“Topsec gives its employees the opportunity to learn with the support of a very high level tutor from outside the company. An IS specialist, he supervises our decision-making, which means that even if we make mistakes, we can correct them and learn from them and rectify them, because we are human beings, which is rare these days. This allows me to acquire important experience which is decisive in my professional career and to apply the knowledge I acquired during my studies to reach one day the position of responsibility I have set for myself.”

Raphaël AMMAR, currently studying for a DSCG (Diplôme Supérieur de la Comptabilité et de Gestion) joined us in 2020 as an accountant.


“My missions are very diversified (entering and checking accounting documents, paying suppliers, cash flow situation…) and I am increasingly moving towards management controller missions. I didn’t expect to have this level of responsibility on a work-study programme, it’s very rewarding and it’s a very enriching experience.”

After their studies, all three of them have major projects that they will be able to accomplish thanks to the comprehensive and empowering experience they will have acquired within our company. Of course, our goal will be to officially integrate them into our team in order to continue all the projects we have been working on since their arrival.

Barbara tells us more:
“My two years at Topsec have gone by at an incredible pace. I have found a company where I feel at home and where I want to continue to grow. It’s also a group that I want to see move montages and to accompany in its evolution. I’m finishing my Master’s degree in September, and I’ve been offered a permanent contract as soon as I finish my studies.

Raphaël has other plans:
“I have plans to become a chartered accountant/auditor and open my own practice. My experience at Topsec brings me closer and closer to my career goal.”

Finally Cristian continues in his line:
“After my studies, I would like to become CIO of the Topsec Group. This is my ultimate goal, but it requires a lot of hard work and the ability to easily handle very stressful situations.”

To conclude, our alternates wanted to give some advice to future recruits:

Cristian: “The advice I would give to a newcomer would be to be ready to learn new things and adapt, as we are a very distinct company in the market, we are the leaders and we expect the best.”

Barbara: “You can’t be afraid to grow and make mistakes. One day Thierry ALIMONDO told me something I would like to spread:

“There is never a bad idea. Don’t be afraid to express yourself. You can try or not. But even if your idea is not accepted, it has allowed us to move forward for the future.”

Raphaël: “You shouldn’t be afraid to grow and make mistakes and above all you should enjoy your work.”

Joining Topsec means joining a company that will give you a chance, working with the creator and undisputed leader in his field, having responsibilities, taking part in a human and professional adventure with an experienced, dynamic, highly involved and caring team that has been with the company for a long time. Our doors are wide open to welcome new talent, so don’t hesitate to send us your CV to or fill in the online form HERE.