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Vending machine for horse feed and riding items

Always with this desire to meet the needs of practitioners of sports and leisure activities directly at the place of practive, TOPSEC has launched a totally innovative concept: vending machines for horse treats and riding items in horse riding centers. We offer this 100% turnkey service that does not require any management or investment on the part of the horse riding center.

horse riding items vending machines

What items in our horse riding items and treats vending machines

Our team has carefully chosen the items based on the best seller and must-have items for riders. Thanks to our telemetry system we are able to see sales in real time and adapt the product offer to their needs.

1.               Treats for horses

Treats for horses are a reward. They reinforce their positive behaviors and create strong motivation during training.
The amount to be given depends mainly on the volume of the horse‘s daily ration. In general, riders can give 2 to 4 treats per day for a horse that does not have a supplement in its basic ration. Then you have to choose the treat that pleases the horse because, like us, they each have their tastes and preferences and it is also important to vary. That’s why, in our vending machine for riding items we offer a varied offer of sweets: from puffed delicacies to muffins for the greediest! 

2.                Horse grooming equipment and care products

The dressing of the horse actually makes it possible to clean it before and after a session. It avoids injuries but also detects potential anomalies before a riding session. It is also a privileged moment that allows the rider to  get to know each other and develop has a relationship of trust and complicity with his mount, and vice versa. The brush also gives the horse a little massage, which is not negligible!

In our vending machine we have therefore included dressing items  with the highest rotation in riders such as sponges, brushes, combs, horsehair elastics, foot cures … but also care and protection products (hoof balm, gel fly repellent and spray nose and eye wipes …)

3.               The horse rider's equipment:

Summer and winter riding gloves are essential for adults and children. Above all, they protect the hands from friction due to the reins and are usually reinforced there. They also have an anti-slip material to prevent the reins from slipping. These are therefore important elements for a good riding session.

On the other hand, high riding socks are also part  of the rider‘s outfit  since by covering the calf, they protect him from friction against the saddle or horse. 

1.               Cartridges for riding airbag vest (Helite and Hit Air)

Horse riding is an extremely risky sport at any level. Thus, since their deployment in the equestrian field, riding airbag vests have made it possible, on many occasions, to avoid very serious accidents. They also reassure riders  and have a positive psychological impact by providing them with additional serenity on horseback or pony.

Among the largest players in the market, we have selected  the cartridges of the Hit Air and Hélite (Equitheme) air bag vests to meet the needs of the largest number of riders in equestrian centers.  We have also provided in our vending machine  the Hit Air reset kit and the Hit Air saddle strap, Indeed, it is washable with a sponge and a brush. 

To get more informations about our horse riding items vending machines, click here.